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Joyce + Basil Wedding

That popular date that occurred this year the big 22.02.2022 doesn't matter which way you look at it - it is the same date! How AMAZING right? This beautiful wedding also took place at 2pm at the Catholic Church in Red Cliffs, we then ventured off to the Old Mildura Homestead for some more wedding shots before heading off to the ever so beautiful Willow and Ivie for the small but absolutely stunning wedding reception and some more sneaky portraits around the grounds! Its to beautiful not to right?

Joyce wore a beautiful white wedding gown that she'll tell you she only picked up online for $100! Doesn't look like $100 dress does it! Stunning! When we arrived at Willow and Ivie Joyce changed into a beautiful blue / grey tint gown this one was breath taking!

Basil changed from his black suit that he looked super spiff in to a gorgeous blue suit to compliment alongside Joyce dress!

This wedding even though it was small it was filled with a lot of their loved ones they work alongside while picking grapes.

So much laughter and love in the room it was absolutely gorgeous to see it radiating!

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