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Michelle + Steve Wedding


The beautiful simple but so very elegant wedding of Michelle and Steve happened over the weekend! At the beautiful Vanden Estate.

The couple did not want a big fuss wedding, they just wanted to invite their loved ones and party with them! These two are absolutely hilarious! Great company to be around and hate having their photos taken :P but we made it work!

The ceremony was filled with Steve's accents, Pam Nelson trying to pronounce their new last name and Michelle's belly laughs, a beautiful reading from Steve's daughter Chloe.

The ceremony was also zoomed into by one of Michelle's sons Seb who was unable to make it he was the ring bearer with his brother Jack. Seb was apart of all the photos still making sure he was close enough to the screen and had his best smile on show!

And we cant forget the first kiss! During the wedding rehearsal we had told the couple to try and get a kiss in for approx. 5 seconds, to make sure I have got you connecting with the kiss and not just coming in and out! WELL!!! There is a first for everything right? Steve's humor came out to play and the two counted with their fingers 1,2,3,4,5 while they did their first kiss! Hilarious right!

Wedding Venue: Vanden Estate

Celebrant: Pam Nelson

Photographer: Mildura Photography

Cake: Mildura Cheese cake shop.

Dress : Cinderella’s Bridal World Mildura

Jacket : ransoms

Hair: Pat from black velvet

Make up: Louise Quinlivan from Stellar Pharmacy.

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